Rail Freight

Following the train tracks

Locomotive Action

The New Silk Road

Faster than sea and cheaper than air, rail transport between Europe and the Far East has become a fast and reliable choice for shippers. We work with a wide range of rail transport service providers to ensure your goods are transported in the quickest and most cost-competitive fashion possible.

Ease of Use

The complex bureaucracy of crossing multiple countries are simplified with the Belt and Road Initiative. This initiative allows for goods to be declared at only origin and destination, bypassing all custom formalities in intermediate countries. Goods are carried in block trains, from one origin to one destination, increasing overall efficiency, reliability, and security. This initiative makes rail transport a competitive mode of transportation against other conventional modes on the Asia-Europe trade lane.

Taking Care of the Environment

The CO2 emitted in relation to volume and weight transported by rail compared to other modes of transport makes rail an eco-friendly mode of transportation.