Warehousing & Distribution

Storing and distributing your goods

Storing and Delivering

Location and Security

With locations across Hong Kong and China, we offer a comprehensive one-stop shop for imports and exports to and from the worlds most prolific manufacturing nation, China. Our warehouses are equipped with CCTVs, active alarms, and 24-hour security personnel to ensure your goods are stored safely and securely. We not only store a variety of commodities such as designer goods, apparel, and furniture, but also handle perishable goods such as healthcare products, wine, tobacco, and sensitive electronics.

Solutions for Clients Across All Industries

We offer a full suite of services at our warehouses and distribution facilities allowing for full or less than container loads of cargo to be handled in the most cost-effective manner. Our services include un-stuffing, stuffing, storage, consolidation, and distribution, among others. Moreover, our warehouses are equipped to provide value added services (VAS) such as assembling, kitting, picking, packing, packaging, labeling, and many other VAS to get your products faster to market. Our warehouses and distribution facilities are equipped to offer bespoke solutions to meet any of your business’s needs.

Bonded Warehouse – Hong Kong and China

Our bonded warehouses provide secure storage for dutiable goods, with the ability to manipulate or add value without payment of duty. Duty is only paid when goods are officially imported for consumption. Goods can also be re-exported increasing your business’s ability to stay lean and agile.

Buyer’s Consolidation

Our warehouse can collect various orders from multiple manufacturers for a single buyer. Using our various locations in China and employing inter-province trucking and coastal shipping, we can consolidate multiple China origin shipments to one location for forwarding.

Multi-Country Consolidation

With Helka, Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC) from various country origins is possible. This leads to lower shipping costs and improved delivery times to final destination. Utilizing Hong Kong’s free port status, we can collect shipments all around Asia, consolidate, and then arrange for the transportation to final destination.

Distribution Center Bypass

Similar to buyers consolidation, but with the added benefit of employing pick and pack at origin to allow direct to store or customer shipments.