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Supply Chain Management

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Our Supply Chain Management solution manages and oversees the flow of goods and data from point of origin to final destination. It. begins with our PO Management system which automatically receives our customer’s purchased orders to be immediately prepped for transportation. This reduces lead time and decreases logistics administration costs. Thereafter, steps from documentation to customs declaration are all handled through the system. The physical movements of goods are tracked using unique system of generated labels. Most importantly, our customizable dashboard allows for macro visibility so you can keep track of key metrics that are needed to ensure your supply chain is operating at its best

In The Cloud

Helka Global Logistics Supply Chain Management solution helps businesses manage cargo, freight operations, and relationships between shipper and carrier networks. The system is hosted in the cloud so you are able to have access on the go. Users can generate import and export shipping transactions for air, ocean, and ground shipping. Users can also print and share labels, documents, and reports.